Where's WANDA?

Get ready for Little WANDA, a talking doll who slays diabetes and heart disease with plant-based nutrition. Watch the teaser and get early access.

Can Little WANDA inspire your child? We think so. 

Explore the features that inspires a new generation of healthy eaters, readers and leaders.

Better Nutrition Education

Cultural nutrition education boosts diverse diets, creating healthier children and promote traditional foodways.

Improve Child Literacy

Representation matters in literacy to promote self esteem and encourage more reading for academic success.

Inspire Global Citizenship

Your child can Little WANDA on a new food adventure traveling across Africa. Your child can learn diplomacy and new languages from Amharic to Zulu.

Rave Reviews From Our Village of Supporters. 

"We need to teach our boys about gender empowerment.I want to show my child diverse cultures."

"We need more books like this and a program like this in our community and school." "Our children need characters that can relate too."

— Mom of 2, Silver Spring, MD

— School Wellness Manager, EL Haynes Public Charter School, Washington, DC

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